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    Cessna 152


    CESSNA 152 certified aircraft for day and night flight
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    Full VFR/IFR avionics suites available
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    New LYCOMING factory re-manufactured O-235 engines
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    CESSNA new DELUX interior with leather finish


Fleet: 6 aircraft (VFR/IFR/AEROBAT)
Manufacturer: Cessna Aircraft Company (USA)
Engine: Lycoming O-235-L2C (110hp)
Persons on board: 1 pilot + 1 passenger
MTOW (Max Takeoff Weight): 758Kg
Maximum range: 690nm (1200km) (long range)
Maximum speed: 112knots (204km/h)

The CESSNA 152 is the world’s most famous training aircraft. It has the best safety record, and variants of this aircraft have been flying for the past fifty years. Over 30.000 Cessna 150/152s have been built since production started. It is the preferred aircraft by airline pilots for basic pilot training. We operate Cessna 152 aircraft configured for both IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) and VFR (Visual Flight Rules) approved day and night flight. All our aircraft have identical configurations which allows us to achieve the highest level of training standardisation.